Modeling Community

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Modeling our community to showcase our interconnectivity

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Revisiting our past to shape our future

We’re understanding how our community evolved by studying the structures that housed the meetings, worship, schooling and service of the Quince Orchard community members. Dating back to the 1880’s, the structures of this community have long stood as icons of the community.

Even today, while the buildings have changed, the members of the Quince Orchard community use the present day structures to engage with one another, celebrate each other and pass along the culture and tradition to our next generations.

The Quince Orchard Project will continue to capture and share the forgotten history of this community, while staying active in developing a community that will long serve as a beacon of bringing together generations.

We’d like to thank My Ly Design for re-constructing historic buildings in 3D model renderings.

[nectar_image_with_hotspots image=”2660″ preview=”” color_1=”Accent-Color” hotspot_icon=”plus_sign” tooltip=”hover” tooltip_shadow=”none”][nectar_hotspot left=”49.4577%” top=”40.708%” position=”top”]Pleasant View Church[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”36.6594%” top=”24.3363%” position=”top”]McDonald Chapel[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”86.1171%” top=”89.823%” position=”top”]Hunting Hill Church[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”21.2581%” top=”38.0531%” position=”top”]Fairhaven United Methodist Church[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”42.7332%” top=”40.2655%” position=”top”]Quince Orchard Colored School[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”33.1887%” top=”31.8584%” position=”top”]Quince Orchard White School[/nectar_hotspot][/nectar_image_with_hotspots]